Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Another cool gift, belatedly acknowledged

If you are a faithful reader of the Random Bodger, you have noticed that I think my wife is pretty darn good at picking out cool gifts fro me. Well for my birthday she did herself proud by getting me a ThermaPen Superfast digital thermometer.

This thing is slick, easy to read, and, well, as its name suggests, fast! It reads fast enough, and is easy enough to read that you can very easily cook a food item to a precise degree of 'doneness' and do it time and time again.

The Thermapen has made several appearances on Good Eats and America's Test Kitchen but it is not listed in the equipment pages of Alton Brown's web site. We ended up asking him about it during the book signing segment of Alton's visit to the local Barnes and Noble this past winter.

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