Monday, December 17, 2007

Cider Update

Shame on me, I didn't post about the second batch of Cider I put up this fall. In addition to 5 gallons of fresh cider, I added 1 pound of crushed (squished is more like it) raisins and two pounds of Brown sugar. While the sugar impacted the OG reading, the raisins added a quantity of sugar that wasn't really measurable from the onset. However it bacame clear that the raisins added sugar because the must fermented vigorously for nearly two months. It has only just recently settled down and I will be racking it over to a secondary shortly. I will take a gravity reading on it again at that time, but expect that it will be at or below 1.000. I'll be tasting it too!

Big Moves

You've heard the old saying "big things come in little packages". I'd have hardly guessed how much stuff we could have managed to get into our little old house over the course of 7 years. It's just as well we only went a mile when we moved, as it was it took a 26 foot truck, two mini vans, two trailers (well one trailer twice), two cars and a 10x15 foot storage locker.

"Maybe you should get rid of some stuff!" I hear you say... Believe me, we had a pretty good purge before the move. In only just a couple of weeks, though, we've managed to fill 5 moving boxes full of stuff for the spring garage sale.

Gotta start thinking about how we accumulate "stuff"