Thursday, October 19, 2006

A couple of Great Teachers

I went to two different schools the year I was in 6th grade. The first half of the I was in the North Olmsted Public School District. I two memorable teachers there, Mr. Seith, and Ms Raub. Bill Seith was my classroom teacher. Ms. Raub was our art teacher. Both teachers were great at motivating us, and they were both a lot of fun. Seith had attended Ohio State and would talk about the Buckeye football team on Mondays after games. He could get really wound up and was known to jump up on desks and flail his arms when he was trying to get a point across.

Ms Raub was a fun art teacher. Her most memorable art project was to make a product (with a twist). Her example a was a can of "Campbells cream of child" soup. It was the age of the atari 2600, so I decided to make a game cartridge for the Atari. It was the very popular AstroSeiths, with little Bill Seith heads being targeted by a spaceship. Mr. Seith got a huge kick out of it.

I moved away from North Olmsted just before Christmas and remember Mr Seith saying that he would really miss me in his classroom.

I've had a lot great teachers since then, but they were a couple of the most memorable.