Thursday, November 17, 2005

My Christmas List for 2005 - Part 1

Here's a list of things that would be nice to receive for Christmas gifts. They are not listed in any particularly logical order.

SanDisk Cruzer Mini flash memory stick
It is also available at Costco (though not at
The one pictured is a 1 gigabyte capacity stick, they are the best value right now. It's about $69 at Costco, Amazon's MSRP of $299.99 is totally out of proportion.

An iTunes card would nice... Get them locally, Amazon's shipping charges are ridiculous. They come in $15 and $30 denominations.

REI Granite Pants. They come in three colors, I'll take any or all... 36x34... But since we both work there, an $18 gift card would be just as appreciated. Heck an REI gift card of any denomination would be welcome!

The Oxo Good Grips i-Series vegetable peeler. There are two Good Grips swivel peelers, the "i-Series" is the important part in this case. America's Test Kitchen gave it high marks this season... I think you have to go to a specialty store like Kitchen Window or Cooks of Crocus Hill to get one.

And on a related note... A subscription to Cook's Illustrated Magazine would be fun. Or one of their cook books, such as Inside America's Test Kitchen or America's Test Kitchen Live!

Gadgets!!! No not Kitchen ones... Geeky ones!!

Like this: Ethernet crossover Adapter.

Well That's part one... No, really, there will be more parts this time, I promise!!!

More Time On My Hands

Like the song from Styx's Paradise Theater album said, "I've got too much time on my hands." After one week shy of six years, I was laid off from my full time job at the end of October. On the one hand, I at least have held a part time job at REI since April. So the days that I am not at REI building bikes and working on skis, I'm scanning, and the local papers, submitting resumes. If I were truly bitter about it I'd post the name of the company, but frankly I probably should have gotten off my butt years ago and left on my own. I feel confident that this will all work out for the better in the end.

It makes it kind of awkward to assemble a Christmas gift list, when I know we aren't going to be able to give many gifts this year. None the less, a Christmas list will be forthcoming.