Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Someone linked to my Blog!

In an attempt to determine if Google has ever crawled my blog, I found a reference to it on a blog called Small Thoughts About The World At Large. I'm flattered that Bean Frog would add a link to here, but I am also perplexed as to why! It's not like I have ever written anything particularly interesting. Only person has ever posted comments to any of my posts, but there it is, a link.

I guess, I should get off my butt and add a links sidebar so that I can return the favor.

1 comment:

Bean Frog said...

I get very bored in the afternoons as I can't do any more work because my brain is full. At one point, I used this spare time trawling the web for interesting reading matter, using (amongst other things) the blogger nav bar to aid my searches.

Anyway, I found your site and read something funny, so have been coming back ever since. I put anything I find I like on my links, if you want to link me back, that would be lovely, but don't feel obliged!