Thursday, December 23, 2004

Bookstore Syndrom

Hi, I'm JB and I suffer from bookstore syndrome. "What the heck is bookstore syndrome?" you ask. Bookstore Syndrome (BS) is the experience of completely losing any and all ideas of waht you might have been looking for. It's happened to more times than I can count. In fact I'm still carrying around a B&N gift card that I got for my birthday, just because ever time I go in there I'm completely overwhelmed. Maybe instead I'm like the kid in a candy store who only has a nickel to spend and can't decide what to spend it on.

If I'm lucky something catch my galzed eyes and trigger a memory. If I then proceed, post haste, to the appropriate section of the store, I might find the fleeting item before I get distracted...

...what was I saying??

1 comment:

Tony said...

What a bunch of "BS."

Actually, I am prone to this phenomenon as well. Research shows it tends to affect people of significantly above-average intellectual capacity.